Thyme Enough at Last

Soybean Miso (Batch 1)

A salty, savory, funky fermented soybean paste.

Soybean Miso (Batch 1)

My first batch of miso. Relatively traditional: just soybeans, koji, salt, and time.

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Soybean Miso (Batch 1)


Hits and Misos

Time for some updates on the state of the denizens of the Fermentery! Fermented Peppers The peppers are coming along well so far, but they’re not quite done yet. I want to let this batch go for three weeks. Expect a report on the 24th. Garlic Dill Pickles My dill pickles turned out better than I could have expected. They softened a bit more than I would have preferred, so maybe the next batch will have some additional tannic elements (2 fresh bay leaves instead of 1 dried, perhaps). Read More…

Starting My First Miso

I’d been thinking about making miso ever since first seeing the miso epsiode of It’s Alive. The most intriguing thing about the process is that it yields tamari—a type of soy sauce—as a byproduct of its fermentation. So while making some miso would be a months-long process, I could enjoy the fruits of it continuously throughout the process, and even have a view into the evolution of the flavor. The other interesting aspect of the whole thing is that the process can be done with any beans, so I could potentially make chickpea miso and tamari (soy-free soy sauce! Read More…