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Fermented Peppers (Batch 1)

Peppers fermented with garlic in a salt and sugar brine. I use them to make homemade hot sauce, and I use the resulting brine in soups, stews, and marinades.

Fermented Peppers (Batch 1)

The title is a bit of a misnomer: this isn’t my first batch of fermented peppers, but it is the first one where I actually took notes.

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Fermented Peppers (Batch 1)


Fermented Peppers Revisited

This follow-up to the fermented fresno peppers has been a long time coming. A lot has happened since we last checked in: The peppers finished their ferment. Their brine was extracted. The garlic and peppers were pureed and became hot sauce, pepper paste, and pepper flakes. The hot sauce became buffalo sauce for some Super Bowl wings. Let’s get into it! Processing the Peppers A few weeks ago on the 24th, I cracked open the jar of peppers and strained out all the solids. Read More…

The Fermentery

Towards the end of last week I found myself with a little time to spare and running low on several of the pickles that I like to keep on hand. So I took a walk down to the market and brought home a bounty of different vegetables to start working on some old favorites and some new experiments. Fermented Peppers One of the first videos in Bon Appetit’s It’s Alive web series that captured my attention was the fermented pepper sauce. Read More…